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BAYCAT, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Ariel Dovas. BAYCAT, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Ariel Dovas.

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DataArts offers an unparalleled longitudinal dataset, including financial, programmatic, and operational information from thousands of cultural nonprofits. An essential resource for a range of research studies, we also give advocates the evidence to make a more powerful case for the value and impact of the arts. We provide data in many forms for many purposes: From raw structured datasets for academic or field research, to custom analysis and reports for publication. In response to new challenges to federal funding for the arts, DataArts is making some special tools for arts advocates available at no cost through October 1, 2017. 

With the DataArts dataset you can:

Document the range, reach, or economic and community impacts of nonprofit cultural activity.

Identify opportunities, challenges, and solutions for the cultural sector and society.

Use evidence-based support to advocate persuasively for policy and funding.

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About the Dataset

Nonprofit organizations voluntarily report financial and programmatic data through the CDP, as part of their applications for funding to grant programs, or as part of another integrated field survey. 

Many types of organizations participate:

  • Broadcast, Media, and Literary Arts
  • Community
  • Education
  • Collecting, Curating, and Exhibiting
  • Performing Arts
  • Support and Advocacy

They provide  detailed information on:

  • Revenues and expenses
  • Marketing activities
  • Balance sheet items
  • Investments & Loans
  • Attendance & Pricing
  • Program and educational activities
  • Staffing and volunteers

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Whether you’re a journalist, public policy maker, student, or casual fact-seeker, explore aggregated data about the activities, assets, and contributions of cultural nonprofits.

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