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Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA. Photo by Daniel Brennan. Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA. Photo by Daniel Brennan.


Transparency. Accountability. Equity.

DataArts offers a richly detailed portrait of the finances and activities of applicants, all in one standardized, consolidated platform. Our applicant management tools, analytics, and support also inform wise decision-making. The rewards go deep. Grantmakers who work with DataArts bring transparency, accountability, and equity to their grantmaking.

The new DataArts platform is now in beta:

Enrich your dialogue with applicants, grantees, and fellow funders. Find new applicants and understand their needs and contributions.

Incorporate the CDP, a standardized form for financial and programmatic information, into your online grant application and streamline the application process. Applicants complete the profile once and share their information with multiple participating grantmakers.

Multiply the impact of your grant dollars by giving all applicants free and equitable access to data analytics and educational resources that build their capacity.

Base your strategies on evidence, not intuition. Use longitudinal analytics to understand trends and monitor the impact of your investments. Take a deep dive into an individual organization’s progress or scan the field.

Make a more persuasive evidence-based case to your leadership and board with easy-to-use reports and analyses.

Inform and increase the impact of your philanthropy.

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A Personalized View of Your Applicant Pool

When you join DataArts, you gain access to a personalized dashboard and data center. Here, you can manage programs, find organizations, review applicant information, run analytics, and access Funder Reports for your applicants.

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Training, Tools, Support

From tutorials to webinars, we have the training and support you need to leverage our powerful data management tools and maximize the effectiveness of your grantmaking.

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