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Cultural Odyssey, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Pat Mazzera. Cultural Odyssey, San Francisco, CA. Photo by Pat Mazzera.

ForArts and Cultural Organizations

Empowering Those Who Inspire

Whether you’re a museum director, choreographer, or independent publisher, DataArts will support you in doing what you do best. The data you provide serves multiple purposes. With it, you can apply for grants, get a clear picture of your organization’s progress, inform your decision-making, and make a stronger case to stakeholders. 

DataArts Launches New Management Center

Management Center puts re-designed dashboard, data visualizations, and useful analytics front and center. Stay tuned for more system enhancements.

Access hundreds of grant programs and apply for funding.

Complete the CDP once annually and share it with various funders and research initiatives, saving you time and effort.

Monitor attendance, balance sheet health, and other metrics over time and in comparison with your peers.

Make better decisions and communicate more persuasively with high-quality data to support your case.

Stay current and develop your knowledge and skills with information, support, training, and other resources.

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The Cultural Data Profile

DataArts is home to the CDP, the national standard for information on the finances, operations, and activities of nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations. When you complete the CDP, you join a network of thousands of organizations that are strengthening the sector through the power of shared information.

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Malik Gillani

Executive Director, Silk Road Rising

“We use DataArts to inform us of our progress, and access the data we need to tell our story better.”

Silk Road Rising, Chicago, IL. Photo credit: Airan Wright Silk Road Rising, Chicago, IL. Photo credit: Airan Wright

Partner Survey Integration

The DataArts platform reduces duplicate effort by consolidating multiple field surveys through the standardized CDP. Spend less time filling out surveys and more on your mission.

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Training, Tools, Support

From tutorials to webinars, we have the support you need. DataArts helps you build the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions that produce better outcomes.

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