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SMU DataArts offers an unparalleled dataset containing detailed financial, operational, and programmatic information from thousands of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations nationwide.

Multiple Ways to Meet Your Needs

Raw Data

These files contain disaggregated unprocessed data fields in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format, and are intended for academics, students, and independent researchers with experience using raw structured data to perform calculations and analyses.

Are you a student? We waive fees for students who request a masked dataset for classroom use. 

The Advocacy Report

The Advocacy Report is an online report for arts advocates. Developed with the input of 12 arts advocates from nine states, the Advocacy Report helps make funding and other policy wins possible by supporting impact stories with reliable data.

Customize reports using filters for conversations with civic leaders at the Federal, Congressional, State Legislature, and City Council levels. Gain access to trend reports that show changes in activity and outcomes over time. Develop insights about the impact of arts and cultural activity in a particular segment, and filter analyses to highlight sector subsets such as budget size, artistic discipline, or communities served.

In the face of continuing threats to public funding for arts and culture, SMU DataArts has made its advocacy report subscription service available for free.

Custom Analyses & Reports

The SMU DataArts research team provides answers to specific questions, drawing on our dataset and other sources. We develop everything from custom tables, charts and graphs, to full research reports.

Let us help you explore more complex questions and issues by conducting analyses and preparing narrative summaries or in-depth reports in response to your research questions. 

Data Subscription via API

The DataArts Application Program Interface (API) provides seamless access to the most up-to-date information on arts and culture organizations, directly from our database to your website, warehouse, or grants management system.


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