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DataArts hosts the Cultural Data Profile (CDP), a detailed online survey of financial, programmatic, and demographic information that cultural nonprofits fill out once annually, and use to apply for funding to multiple grant programs. Other organizations provide data as part of integrated surveys administered by national arts service organization partners. This data powers a suite of business intelligence reports which cultural leaders use to better manage their organizations. It also contributes to a robust, national data resource for research and advocacy.


Our participants represent the spectrum of nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations. They range from small community operations to large, civic institutions, all across the United States, including:

  • Nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations across all disciplines
  • Small, medium, and large enterprises from fiscally sponsored, community-based programs to anchor institutions and everything in between

DataArts: By the Numbers

Number of Arts NonProfits with Completed Profiles 11,328
Number of Completed Data Profiles 59,851
Percent of Arts Nonprofits in DataArts database with Budgets under $1 Million 80%

DataArts Organizations

Organizations by Location
  • Using DataArts for CDP & AEP5
  • Using DataArts for AEP5

*Arts and Economic Prosperity IV

Organizations by Expenses
Organizations by Type

Figures as of September 2016, supplied by DataArts.

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Data seekers may request aggregated or disaggregated data. Please see below for frequently asked questions and policies for using the dataset.

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