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Every applicant has his or her own story to tell. We help cultural nonprofits tell their financial and operational stories in a way that respects their diversity, while taking out the guesswork for you. By presenting reliable information in standardized formats, we make it easier to compare and track your applicants’ programmatic and financial health over time and have the context you need for the funding decisions you make.

With DataArts, you will:

  • Gain access to reliable, richly detailed data and powerful tools for program planning, analysis, and reporting.
  • Lower the administrative burden and cost of fundraising for your community’s cultural nonprofits by adopting a standardized submission of commonly required financial and programmatic information.
  • Inform and enrich the dialogue between you and your applicants and strengthen the cases you make to your leadership or board.
  • Build the capacity of all applicants, whether or not they receive a grant, by giving them access to the DataArts platform and learning community, including easy-to-use  management reports, tools, and educational resources.
  • Contribute to the most significant national source of information on nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities–one which powers research, advocacy, and public policy and creates a more vibrant cultural sector.
  • Track performance indicators to assess the health of your grantees and see the impact of your contributions.

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Every grantmaker who joins DataArts has a personalized management dashboard, which, depending on subscription level, allows you to:

  • Manage grant programs
  • Compare grantees to one another
  • Find nonprofits and their contact information
  • Access Funder Reports and review key information across a variety of applicants in a standardized presentation of your choosing
  • Run analytic reports that measure the impact of your funding on your applicants’ finances and programs over time.

Funder Reports

Funder Reports contain key financial and non-financial information from applicants. They allow you to easily compare applicants and determine the best allocation of grant funds for maximum impact.


Analytic Reports

Our analytic reports enable you to:

  • Assess your effectiveness–are you reaching your philanthropic goals?
  • Evaluate comparative data and identify trends within an applicant pool
  • Provide in-depth analysis on the financial health of individual organizations

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