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DataArts analytic reports paint a clear picture of both your organization and sector. Want to see how your fundraising is stacking up or report on your organization’s financial health? Our easy-to-read reports help you do that. You will also be able to monitor trends over time, compare your organization to others like it, and identify ways to improve your results.


Annual Report

DataArts makes annual reporting simple, fast, and free. The Annual Report provides a consolidated summary of financial, program, and attendance activity with well-designed charts and graphs. You’ll find it a key tool for engaging your board, donors, and public officials.

Balance Sheet

Use the Balance Sheet Report to assess your organization’s strengths and needs and determine how prepared you are to fulfill your mission, withstand risk, and weather unforeseen circumstances.  

Fundraising Report

See your fundraising activity clearly and analyze return on your fundraising investment. Determine your fundraising efficiency using key ratios, and review trends in dollars and sources of revenue.

Program Activity

Explore a broad range of attendance, participation, pricing, and program information. Consider how new offerings and pricing might improve your attendance, membership, and social media interactions.

Marketing Report

Examine your marketing expenses and their impact on program revenue and attendance. Consider how marketing changes might increase revenue or improve participation.

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