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Summer Research Round-Up

  • Posted Jul 20, 2023

The team at SMU DataArts shares the latest news in advancements and groundbreaking research for arts and cultural leaders, grantmakers, and advocates. Plus, get a sneak peek at several projects in the pipeline and meet our new research director, Jen Benoit-Bryan, Ph.D., a prominent voice in arts research.


The Arts Vibrancy Index Report

The Arts Vibrancy Index Report examines the level of supply, demand, and government support for the arts and offers an analysis of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the sector. In the 2022 Index, four communities debut on the list, and an additional five return after an absence of at least three years.

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New Research Evaluates $230M Investment in Diverse Creative Communities

The report reveals the positive impact of Ford Foundation’s efforts investing $230 Million in people of color and disability-centered arts and storytelling organizations.

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Study Finds Local Arts Agencies are Catalysts for Art Vibrancy

SMU DataArts analyzed the effects of LAA funding on overall Arts Vibrancy and the individual, underlying components of Arts Vibrancy, finding irrefutable positive impact.

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Researchers Turn to Machine Learning to Evaluate Equitable Practices in Grantmaking

Can machine learning technologies be used to assist grantmakers in their efforts to cultivate equitable funding practices to support the arts and cultural sector? We think so.

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Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Through Data-Driven Analysis

Since 2018, SMU DataArts has partnered with organizations from several different regions to examine the diverse makeup of the cultural workforce. Information gleaned from these studies helps communities and organizations better understand the demographics of their current workforces and those of the communities in which they operate. To remain relevant to and representative of our changing society, these studies provide key information that can inform decisions that ensure all community members have access to opportunities available within the arts and culture sector.

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