We examine the 2018 results of marketing ROI of over 3,886 organizations across 11 different arts and cultural sectors throughout the nation. You’ll also see trends for a subset of over 1,530 organizations from 2016 to 2018. 

Demand challenges are rising in the performing arts. With two exceptions, our studies show that performing arts sectors saw attendance declines over time. This is one metric where a downward trend – i.e., less dollars spent to attract each attendee – is a good sign.

Our mission is to provide valuable insights and useful tools to help arts and cultural leaders tell their story, overcome challenges, and increase impact.


The average arts and cultural organization spends $2.88 on marketing to bring each attendee.

This figure includes both personnel and non-personnel marketing expenses.

Average total marketing expenses for all organizations in 2018 was $99,995 and the total in-person attendance average was 34,771.

*3,886 organizations

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