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Build Your Skills in Data and Financial Management

  • Posted Jun 10, 2021

Amidst the rush and uncertainty of this year, foundational skills in data and financial management are more important than ever. This summer, SMU DataArts produced a series of free educational workshops in financial management and data use which are available to watch at your convenience.

For arts leaders with a great passion for their organizations’ missions but limited knowledge in the basics of financial management, our Building Blocks for Financial Health series attempts to fill in the gaps, one piece at a time.

In these online introductory workshops, you’ll learn fundamental budgeting skills, how to create and use a chart of accounts, and how to track performance using key metrics.

Building Blocks for Financial Health: Budgeting Basics

Download the template

Building Blocks for Financial Health: Chart of Accounts

Building Blocks for Financial Health: Metrics & Working Capital

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