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From Initial Reaction to Sustained Action: A Discussion Guide for Arts Leaders in the Face of a Pandemic

  • Posted Aug 06, 2020

For self-guided discussions or discussions virtually facilitated by SMU DataArts.

The urgency for arts leaders and arts advocates to support each other during this time of crisis is growing stronger everyday. Our recent research report, Arts & Cultural Organizations: In It for the Long Haul examines the negative impact of the pandemic and estimates a deficit equivalent to 26% of expenses for the average organization over the course of a year. Cultural organizations’ strategy and structure will have to adapt to the environmental changes taking place, which may pose a lot of difficult questions for leaders of art organizations.

To accompany this report, we offer helpful discussion guides for facilitating group conversations about the future of your organization, your mission, and your community as we move from initial reaction to sustained action.


Download and share the guide that best meets your discussion group:

Discussion Guide

Staff & Volunteers


Discussion Guide

Leadership Team


Discussion Guide

Community Groups


The Report

Arts & Cultural Organizations: In It for the Long Haul


We hope these discussion guides are useful as you plan and adapt to the unique challenges your organization and community face. These guides are designed to orient team goals toward community-focused and sustainable change, while also considering the well-being of those around you. At SMU DataArts, we too, have recommitted ourselves to help amplify voices for a re-envisioned future for communities across the nation. We are a resource for you. Please reach out to Michelle Higgins, Manager of Strategic Engagement at if you would like us to assist in the facilitation of this discussion at your organization or within your community or if you host a self-guided discussion and would like to provide feedback about your experience.

Crisis Relief and Resources for the Arts Sector

Now more than ever, we are here to empower arts and cultural leaders with high-quality data and evidence-based resources and insights that help to overcome challenges and increase impact.

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