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SMU DataArts Turns One

  • Posted Aug 08, 2019

Our First Year In Numbers

One year ago today, Southern Methodist University announced the merger of its National Center for Arts Research (NCAR) with DataArts, the Philadelphia-based, respected national resource for in-depth data about nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations.

We joined forces to strengthen the national arts and cultural community through data, the knowledge that can be generated from it, and the resources to learn from and use it. 

Memorable Moments From Our Staff

Michelle Higgins

Manager of Strategic Engagement

“I had my first child in November and I really appreciate the lengths to which my colleagues supported me through my transition and during my leave.”

Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Dan Norman. Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Dan Norman.

Zannie Voss

Executive Director

“During a day-long meeting, it was immediately apparent that we shared the same values, priorities & that we saw the same desired impact, which was a huge boost to collective confidence that merging was the right path...”

Curt Herridge

Executive Director of Applications

“I recall visiting DataArts early in the diligence process and asking a days’ worth of questions about the product and operations. I also recall a great dinner when we all went to Philly and had a happy hour.”

Thank you for helping us make this first year as a merged organization a success!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to those who rallied behind the merger with major support. 

Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Better Together Fund, The Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund, SMU DataArts board members and respected philanthropists Donna Wilhelm, Melissa and Trevor Fetter, and Diane and Hal Brierley.

Our Mission

To empower arts and cultural leaders with high-quality data and evidence-based resources and insights that help them to help overcome challenges and increase impact.

Our History

The Cultural Data Profile

This online survey collects financial and programmatic data from nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations – large and small, and across all disciplines - so they can share information with funders in a standardized format, all in one safe, secure place. Over 16,000 organizations have contributed Profiles to our database.

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Workforce Demographics Study

A 5-minute secure and comprehensive survey to collect demographic and workplace perceptions anonymously. This survey collects stats like race, age, gender, LGBTQ identification, and more so that you can better understand the individuals who make up your workforce and take steps towards closing any gaps in equity, diversity, or inclusion that you see fit. 

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Educational Resources

We offer a range of free training and educational resources designed to help cultural professionals and grantmakers put data to work. Our resources range from high-tech to high-touch. Online training sessions, reference resources, and webinars let you choose what and when you learn. In-person workshops and training sessions offer a more customized experience.

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