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The State of NYC Dance (2013)

  • Posted Oct 03, 2013

Dance/NYC published its third The State of NYC Dance report, using CDP data to track dance trends in New York City over time. The report shows where the art form has gone and may be headed. By integrating a sample of local dance makers sponsored by Fractured Atlas, it speaks in more inclusive terms about our evolving creative ecology.

A selection of the findings shows that total annual expenditures of 131 nonprofit organizations represented in the full CDP sample are $251 million—a great indicator for the sector’s contributions to the economy and returns on investment; dance makers are resourceful in generating earned income, including sources such as ticket income, touring and workshops; there is an important role to play for public funders—The City of New York through the Department of Cultural Affairs is the most substantial source of government funding in nearly every budget range.

For more information, a summary of the findings, and the full report, please visit here.