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CDP data pivotal to Bucks County, PA ‘State of the Arts’ event

  • Posted Oct 25, 2010

The Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County hosted a forum on the State of the Arts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on October 7, using CDP data to paint the picture of how arts and culture impact the economic, community, and personal growth of Bucks County.  In this article, Cultural Data Project data is cited as having helped demonstrate that, while Bucks County has fewer arts and cultural organizations overall, its school-aged children attend the most arts and cultural events of the four surrounding counties.   The speakers discussed the importance of viable data on the arts and cultural sector to energize policy reform and grassroots advocacy.  These forces, reinforced by the work of such outfits as the Cultural Data Project, help to positively shape public perception of the arts and cultural sector and improve its future in Pennsylvania.


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