Luis Flores III

Systems Engineer

Luis joined DataArts in December 2014. As the Systems Administrator, he is involved with all things tech related, from general “My Computer is broken!!” problems to the big technical issues surrounding things such as website hosting and internal software solutions. As a self-starter and infinitely curious man, he has taught himself everything he knows about computers, the internet, gadgets, and just about anything with a power cord that he can get his hands on. Prior to joining DataArts, Luis worked for a family-owned engineering firm where in just a few months he transformed their single “don’t-touch-it-it-works” server into a fully functional website hosting, Exchange wielding, multiplatform supporting, super-secure, cloud environment. Simply put, there has never been a tech-related problem that he has not been excited to solve.

Cultural Pursuits

Visiting Museums, Reading, and TV

Hidden Skill

¡Hablo Español!


Newtown, PA

Secretly Wants to Be

Backpacking in western China