Katie Ingersoll

Director of Communications, Engagement, and Strategy

Katie joined the CDP in 2011 as a Help Desk and User Support Assistant, and stepped into the role of Associate for New York State in 2013. She has worked in a variety of libraries and recently earned a Master of Library Science. The CDP is the perfect environment to satisfy her librarian’s interest in keeping information well organized, as well as serving as a resource to users. Before coming to the CDP she spent a year working with the Prometheus Radio Project on policy advocacy, crunching data and organizing people to create opportunities for more community radio stations. In her free time she dreams of being a writer, and starting her own community radio station someday.


Cultural Pursuits

Libraries| Media and Information Policy | Community Media |Writing


Hidden Skill

In continual pursuit of new skills.



Hastings, MN


Secretly Wants to Be

Circus Performer