Dennis TenWolde

Institutional Giving Manager

I have been very lucky in life. I married well, have two great, healthy children, and have been able to travel all over the world. I have friends and family spread all over the globe and am enriched by them. I have been able to be a field biologist, NGO executive director, diversity and inclusion manager for the federal government, a diplomat, and a really good fundraiser. My wife was a professional musician and by osmosis, I have gained a great love for all of the arts.

I believe in what Louis Pasteur once said, that luck, or chance, favors the well-prepared. Cheers!


Cultural Pursuits

I love learning about history. I enjoy moving to a region and learning about its history, people, cultures … and food.


Hidden Skill

I make great crepes.



A very small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Secretly Wants To Be

Someone who knows what they are doing with their life.