Dan Gordon

Data Collection and Support Manager

Dan joined the SMU DataArts team in the Support Center Manager role in 2019 and assumed the role of Data Collection and Support Manager in 2023. He has worked in a multitude of different industries, including student services, payroll, carpentry, food service, and education. He spends much of the sunny months playing 3rd base for the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia, a non-profit organization that reproduces base ball as it was played in the 19th century. Heart-centered, process and procedure driven, and always learning as much as possible; Dan is enjoying the splendiferous people at SMU DataArts.


Cultural Pursuits

The History of Beer and Brewing | Cannabis Advocacy and Social Justice | Latin and African Hand Percussion

Hidden Skill

Flipping eggs and flopping pancakes


Marlton, NJ

Secretly Wants to Be