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DataArts’ Business Intelligence and Analytics Center Brings Data-Driven Insights to Cultural Nonprofits

  • Posted Jan 20, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DataArts, the web-based platform for centralized collection and dissemination of financial and programmatic data for and about the nation’s cultural nonprofits, announced a new online Management Center designed to support arts professionals’ use of data for planning, advocating and decision-making. The Management Center’s intuitive technology, self-service dashboard, and easy-to-interpret data visualizations and reports, allows professionals in the $41.5 billion nonprofit arts and cultural sector to access, analyze, and share critical business performance information across workgroups within their organizations and with external audiences including boards, funders, policymakers, and constituents. 

“The Management Center takes the DataArts platform to the next level by providing a streamlined, highly effective tool for arts and culture organizations, their funders, and advocates to make better-informed decisions and use data effectively to communicate the value of arts and culture,” said Beth Tuttle, President and CEO of DataArts. “We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing the language and leverage of data to the business of culture.”  

DataArts represents nearly 15,000 arts and cultural nonprofits that submit an annual Cultural Data Profile (CDP), creating a rich, reliable aggregated dataset about their activities and contributions.

The Management Center features:

  • A redesigned dashboard displaying key indicators of financial health and organizational performance along with other analytics, powered by individual organizations and aggregated data from thousands of participating nonprofits.
  • Five-year trend reports and benchmark charts provide snapshots of changes in contributions and expenses over time or in comparison to a group of comparable arts nonprofits.
  • Access to a free KIPI (Key Intangible Performance Indicators) diagnostic tool, developed by the National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University and powered by CDP data, that allows arts organizations to see their individual performance in nine financial and operational categories, compared to similar organizations nationally. Organizations can access confidential and individual scores on how they rank relative to their peers on multiple factors in the categories of contributed revenue, earned revenue, expenses, marketing impact, bottom line, balance sheet, community engagement, program activity and staffing.

  • Customizable, ready-to-print advocacy reports, available by subscription, that strengthen the case for the arts with reliable and persuasively presented data on the sectors assets, activities, and community contributions.

The Management Center is the latest enhancement to the beta version of the DataArts online platform, which is dedicated to advancing the work of the nonprofit arts and culture sector by providing ready access to high-quality data, analytics and educational resources. Developed with extensive input from nonprofit managers, grantmakers, and arts researchers across all cultural disciplines and geographic regions, the new system offers dynamic, flexible 21st-century technology solutions that put the power of data to work for the arts and culture sector.

More information on the Management Center is available here. On January 26 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, DataArts staff will host a free 30-minute live webinar that introduces and demonstrates the power of these new features Sign up here