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CDP launches in Minnesota

  • Posted Jun 01, 2012

Children's Theatre Company (Minnesota)


The CDP is delighted to announce that on June 1st, Minnesota will become the 12th state to join the Cultural Data Project. The launch will allow the state’s arts, cultural, and historical sectors to begin using hard data to make the case for their impact throughout the state.

The energy behind the launch is particularly strong: with more than a dozen public and private partners currently involved, Minnesota has the highest number of partners at date-of-launch since the CDP’s inception. Kate Wolford, president of The McKnight Foundation, calls this energy a “clear reflection of the value we believe this initiative will bring.”

Ten in-person orientations and two webinars will take place across the state in the coming months to familiarize nonprofits with the CDP and help them begin collecting financial and programmatic data. In the coming years, the data gathered by these organizations will be used to demonstrate the tangible impact of the sector on Minnesota’s individuals, communities, and economy.

The Minnesota CDP Task Force has set inclusiveness as a high priority, with particular efforts to involve historical organizations in being involved with the state’s CDP.

“The more we know about ourselves and our community,” said Steve Elliot, director and CEO of the Minnesota Historical Society, “the better we will serve Minnesotans, who care deeply about and have wholeheartedly supported arts, culture and history.”

For more information on the Minnesota Cultural Data Project visit or click here to view the press release.