Elise D. Hickel

Strategic Partner Manager, Product Partnerships, Google

Based in New York City, Elise is a Strategic Partner Manager at Google, where she is the global lead for local data initiatives, ensuring Google Maps accurately reflect local business information worldwide. She works with a variety of partners, ranging from independent local businesses to large, sophisticated corporations, serving as the bridge between these partners and Google, to build products and features that make users’ lives easier. Elise has a strong analytical background developed in her prior experiences at Zagat Survey. During her time at Zagat, Elise led and designed marketing surveys, soliciting client and consumer insights to inform and develop effective marketing campaigns, product refinements and sales strategies.

As a student at New York University, Elise earned a degree in Psychology, focused on consumer behavior, while minoring in Physics and Mathematics. Her senior thesis focused on implicit gender bias inspired by observations within predominantly male-dominated areas of study.

The daughter of a mechanical engineer and a music educator, Elise intimately understands the complementary strengths of data analytics and the arts, and appreciates the power of what can happen when the two are combined for a common purpose. She lives in Queens with her husband, is a lover of classic films, and a foodie to the core.