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Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Joey Kennedy. Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Joey Kennedy.

Meet the New Cultural Data Profile

The Cultural Data Profile (CDP) is our flagship service that has become an indispensable national resource for data collection, analysis, learning, and insight.

Simply put, the CDP is an online survey that nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations – large and small, and across all disciplines – use to capture, share, and analyze their financial and programmatic information in a standardized format, all in one safe, secure place.

The system allows arts and cultural organizations to enter data into the new, tailored CDP. A short form is now available for organizations with budgets of less than $50,000, making the data entry process faster and more equitable for small nonprofits. With the new Management Dashboard, grantmakers can access a high-level view of active applicant pools, review historic data from previous applicant pools, and generate applicants' Funder Reports and view their Data Profiles. Grantmakers can run analytic reports in multiple modes: annual, trend or comparison mode, and against a national or custom data set.

We've redesigned the CDP from the ground up.

We've rebuilt the CDP with input from thousands of cultural professionals. Tailored questions and an intuitive interface make the CDP relevant and easy to use.

Custom-Tailored Profile

We start by asking a few basic questions to produce a customized Data Profile with only the most relevant questions.

Certain fields are pre-populated to cut keystrokes and a choice of a guided-question or row-and-column view lets users customize the experience. Data is automatically saved as it is entered, so users can finish the Profile on their own schedule, and not worry about losing any work.

Integrated Survey Platform

We make completing multiple annual surveys easier by integrating questions with the CDP.

If an organization participates in another survey conducted by a DataArts partner, CDP data can be used to autofill all common questions. Organizations can easily complete, manage, and access all their surveys via the DataArts dashboard. See our growing list of partners.

Analytics & Data Visualizations

Data powers a suite of analytic reports and data visualizations that can be used in myriad ways.

Users automatically produce an annual report to share with donors, examine trends in their organization’s performance, make comparisons to a peer group, or submit one standardized form as part of applying to multiple grant programs with just a few clicks.

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