Rich Mintz

Board Chair

Executive Vice President, Blue State Digital

Rich Mintz

Rich  Mintz is Executive Vice President at Blue State Digital (BSD), a national  marketing and fundraising consultancy specializing in digital constituency  development.

At BSD, he manages major account development in the nonprofit cultural and  healthcare sectors, working with universities, museums, health systems, and  similar institutions to consolidate community support around capital campaigns  and other major initiatives and to develop sustainable funding and stewardship  programs for individual donors. Over his 20-year professional career, Rich has  provided strategic direction and support to marketing, fundraising, and change  management programs at a long list of nonprofit, political, and commercial  organizations, including three Presidential campaigns and almost 200 nonprofits  and issue advocacy organizations.

Rich began his work in the field in 1992, as a  direct mail account executive at National Direct Marketing. He was a co-founder  of NetResponse, the Washington, DC-based Internet professional services firm  that was acquired by iXL, Inc. in 1998; and of BusyTonight, a search engine  technology company in New York. A decade ago, he owned and operated Peachtree  Highway Books, a neighborhood bookstore with a national direct response program  in Atlanta’s historic Candler Park neighborhood.

He holds an A.B. degree from Harvard College.